Sunday, April 22, 2007

VOIP FCC Complaince List

Is opensource projects like Asterisk, freePBX, TrixBOX and others, FCC compliant ? What makes the complaint or not. I hope to over the next month or so, review the FCC's and Europe standards. I see now from the FCC web site that there are a few forms , fees and other things that go into becoming a FCC approved VOIP carrier.

Voice over IP comes from of half duplex voice to voice talking that was sold with software back in the early 90's. Now VOIP handles billions of calls per day world wide and is one of the hottest markets in the world.

911 FCC Complaince Wiki

FCC VOIP Provider List

This list is dramtically smaller list then found on any VOIP list I've ever seen on the net, meaning many voip carriers are still behind in complaince, or E911 deficiant. I noticed my US carriers where listed, you my clients can get thier right 911 address in case of an emergency.

One small thing. Add UPS to broadband router, DSL/Cable/CPE, and VOIP adapter if you plan to use this beast in case of a power outage. More UPS"s are being sold as a mandatory part of thier warranty protection due to power issues that can produce allot of damage.

Check out list of VOIP providers for business across the world....

Voip Providers For Business

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