Sunday, April 22, 2007

VOIP FCC Complaince List

Is opensource projects like Asterisk, freePBX, TrixBOX and others, FCC compliant ? What makes the complaint or not. I hope to over the next month or so, review the FCC's and Europe standards. I see now from the FCC web site that there are a few forms , fees and other things that go into becoming a FCC approved VOIP carrier.

Voice over IP comes from of half duplex voice to voice talking that was sold with software back in the early 90's. Now VOIP handles billions of calls per day world wide and is one of the hottest markets in the world.

911 FCC Complaince Wiki

FCC VOIP Provider List

This list is dramtically smaller list then found on any VOIP list I've ever seen on the net, meaning many voip carriers are still behind in complaince, or E911 deficiant. I noticed my US carriers where listed, you my clients can get thier right 911 address in case of an emergency.

One small thing. Add UPS to broadband router, DSL/Cable/CPE, and VOIP adapter if you plan to use this beast in case of a power outage. More UPS"s are being sold as a mandatory part of thier warranty protection due to power issues that can produce allot of damage.

Check out list of VOIP providers for business across the world....

Voip Providers For Business


Sources stated that this month the FCC has been calling IPS's from a new type. The comaplint stated a claim that the connection does not meet the fedral governments stadards for DSL. Wireless which can hook to DSL operates unamped unlicensed wireless hardware, from FCC approved vendos, like Lucent, Cisco and Linksys.
TAN used FCC approved power regulators from APC, and even FCC approved wireless cards in all radios, laptops and PDA's it sells.

The hardware is all complaint and meets FCC code, but how does FREE to to low cost unlimited VOIP onto americas fastest growing wireless network meet FCC rules , while companies like AT&T, Verizon, PacBell, Cellular One, and so one, payy FCC huge license fees to operate. Open source poineers like Total Access Networks Inc, deployed Linux boxes back before they had shiny interfaces and built its foundation on using undustry stardard gear versus modifictions. As the industry changed, so did TAN meeting todays v.90 , 801.11b, 802.11g, sip , IAX2, and H323 industry standard services. TAN suports several open source/gpl projects found at

VOIPiT - Voice over IP PBX
IPTV - Internet TV - Over 129 free channels
MobileMesh Kiosk- Mobile Mesh Kiosk

Tan has seemed to have sparked interest in it's growing markets. Seem they have voice, video, IP phone, VOIP, voicemail, and it even works on wireless connections. It costs us allot to less to build and has been deployed/tested for years and meets now meets FCC basic requirements.

The combining of Internet TV Over any Broadband even wireless grows the largest demans. Over 129 channels free . They wanted to know how and why ! Not to look like sheep staring at lights, but when does the FCC need a WISP to reveal how it does something to the management will have something to review? Open up to free hotspot. Visit link. Make sure viewing software in already installed. Click on speed number of station you want to stream. Cuation - Not all content suitable for all audiances. At viewers discretion.

The add global phone service in 30 countries around the globe for ony $19.95 per month with a $36 setup fee with (unlimited inbound calls)Sign Now !LINK

After contempating on wether or not to write this new column on network news, I can see I have my work already cut out for me. As the FCC investigates more and more systems which is next ? What constitues your right of privacy and freedom to protect your business.

Since we build the systems, we know and adhere to the rules. With VOIP the rules are still being written and IPTV wont be far behind it.

let me know what you think.......

Thursday, April 19, 2007

OpenDNS - Free DNS Services Review

When Andre pushed this one in front of me, my heart actually jumped for joy. Since DNS is a primary stapple of internet services and how fast or slow resolves can make a machine either speed up or slow way down, based on how fast those web addresses are looked up then redirected your request to the right server, which then responds.

Fast, and free!
5 stars